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Dads House - Kent

Dads House - Kent was launched in 2013 to work alongside William McGranaghan, as part of our 5 year plan, 

Luke Shaw is a single father to 3 children, having taken over the role of main parent during 3 difficult years following the family breakdown.

Luke became a single parent in 2010, and at the time found himself alone, with 3 toddlers all under the age of 6 Years old, Living back in his home town, after 6 years away in the Nottingham region, Luke found himself isolated, and although his family offered fantastic support, it was the need to adjust, without the biasedness that follows such changes.

Luke quickly found that their was very little support available to single parents, in particular single fathers.

For the next 3 years Luke worked with Home Start and Sure Start to try and change this but found it difficult due to policies and funding issues.

After finding Dads House on the internet, Luke and William spent the next 6 months talking and discussing Williams vision and plans for Dads House. Luke soon realised that between them, they could make Dads House a UK wide Charity, which would not only fill the gap left by others but become the leading Charitable Organisation that not only offers advice to fathers but offers hands on practicle support.

Since launching, Luke has built up a very credible relatonship with various organisations throughout Kent and receives referalls from various locations in the Kent region.

Dads House continues to grow, and will soon be growing throughout the UK, 


Latest News...

Written submission to House of Commons Women and Equalities Committee Inquiry on “Fathers and the Workplace”

We are submitting this evidence to this Inquiry, as we hear from and help a great deal of fathers who are either struggling to be recognised as ‘hands on’ fathers in the workplace – or as will be clear from this particular submission – are completely denied the opportunity, and thus enter unemployment reluctantly.

The issues, we believe, are a mixture of employers failing to recognise a shift in the structure of families in the modern age, as well as significant prejudice and discrimination towards fathers, who want to break away from the traditional stereotype of fathers and the workplace....

Read the full paper (PDF opens in a new window)


Dadshouse is taking part in the London 10k legal walk on Monday the 18th Of May to raise funds for the services we provide in helping dads,
We receive no statuary  funding and rely on donations,so please visit our donation page,and donate as little or as much as you can afford,Dadshouse London legal walk

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