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Social Acceptance or Rejection?

Hello everyone. I hope that life is treating you all well. The topic of this blog is less from me and more questions to you. I hope that’s ok.

I have had two experiences with my son recently which contrasted greatly. One was very positive, where we were welcomed by a group of people that we had never met, and accepted for who we are without exception. This made my son feel wonderful, special and very happy in his surroundings. This in turn meant that he felt very confident to speak with everyone and just be his wonderful self. I of course felt very proud!!

The other was unfortunately quite the opposite. We attended another event, but unfortunately another parent made comments to my son that he found hurtful and upsetting. This rather ruined the event for us both, and we were both quite glad to leave. I doubt if we will return and it took a lot of love and reassurance to support my son to remember how truly amazing he is.

Of course people are entitled to their opinions and in the age of social media these are often shared more quickly and easily. Do you have experience of acceptance or rejection as a single father in social spaces?

Where do you feel comfortable and accepted with your children?

Where have you felt awkward or stigmatised with your children?

Please share your views, this is a very important area for us all and sharing our experiences can only help to develop how we all understand these issues!!

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