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Borderwork and Border Crossing as Single Fathers

Hello again everyone.

Well Spring is coming and going, I guess typical UK weather. As I type it is hailing!!!

Don’t worry I am not planning a blog on Brexit, so please do read on…

So in the last blog I spoke about how the research suggests that social work has not engaged that well with single fathers in the main or effectively understood their needs and strengths. We at Dadshouse would very much like to hear about your experiences and views, and whether they fit with the research or not??

This time I want to build on the last blog and discuss the ideas of Borderwork and Border Crossing, which I discussed in my recent article on social work with single fathers.

Borderwork refers to spaces and times where intense gender differences are intensely felt and experienced. Meanwhile, border crossing refers to times where gender boundaries and barriers are deactivated and any gender divide can be successfully crossed. For me, these concepts offer some possibilities to better understand how single fathers interact with traditionally female dominated areas such as social work, children’s centres or school playgrounds.

What do you think and how do you experience areas and places that are traditionally female dominated. Does this result in feelings of acceptance or rejection, do you feel marginalised or welcome?

As single fathers we often stray from social and community norms on caring and masculinity. Do you feel that services are inclusive and gender-sensitive, recognising that men are privileged in society but that there are complexities and contradictions for single fathers?

What has made the difference when you have felt welcome, accepted and comfortable to go back?

Do take care all and please do share your views and experiences on this important topic.


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